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7 May

Some of us that enjoy cooking just genuinely don’t have the natural ability for pairing flavours together. For some it comes naturally, for the rest of us there’s

I’ve only used the site a few times when I’m really stuck for ideas, but it’s definitely a great way to explore flavours and pairings that you wouldn’t normally put together.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


How to save time in the kitchen – Lifehacker

24 Apr


For those people that don’t like to live in their kitchens….

….This is for YOU!



Tips and Tricks: How to reduce cooking times and headaches

27 Dec

The 1st in a series of tricks that will help you LOVE to cook.

Why will it make you love cooking you ask? Because you’ll suck less at it. No one likes being sucky at cooking.

It’s pretty simple:

When stove top cooking, cover your pot or pan – Veggies, meat, etc.

  • Your food will retain moisture and flavour
  • It will cook fast and evenly
  • It will prevent scavengers – such as children or boyfriends – from stealing food from the pan. They’re sneaky little buggers.

If you end up having too much moisture at the bottom of your pot or pan, uncover once the food is close to being done and continue to cook on high heat. The excess liquid will reduce.

This tip helped A LOT, so cover it up!

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